5 Star Reviews!

       I'm so please with Hogan's service that I can't help but post a positive review. Hogan has been working on my friend's cars as well as mine since 2010 and we've had nothing but good things to say. Hogan rebuilt the engine on my Neon R/T this fall and it's never run so smooth. He used the right parts and machined everything just right. On top of that, they finished the job in under 10 days!

Hogan's mechanics live for challenging jobs and truly take pride in their work.  Hogan is honest to the point of losing a bit of work at times and I truly respect that. I wish I could pack his garage in my truck and take him with me to Minnesota!

Do yourself a favor. If you're looking for a good mechanic, call Hogan. You'll never need to buy a new car :)

-James Cowan


I watched the crew push my car in and within an hour or so they pulled my car around and told me it was a programing issue!!!! I thought is was going to be hundreds of dollars. These people are very honest and quick!!! They have the same computer system as the dealer and I guess that's why they were able to pin point my problem. Not only did they get my car out very quickly but now my car gets way better gas mileage. THESE PEOPLE ARE GREAT!!!


   In search of a real mechanic!! I don't know about most of you, but if you're like me I've been in search of a good mechanic, with knowledge and integrity. I recently had a great experience at Hogan's Automotive. I have a old 1987 Chevrolet Cavalier LS.. Relatively low mileage, runs like a dog, spits sputters, back fires, terrible gas mileage, I use to love it when it when it ran, now that it doesn't I hate it. Fix it fix it, but who? Several hundred dollars later and couple of mechanic shops, she still was sick! A good friend recommended Hogan's Automotive, talked to Hogan sounded like he knew what to do. Well unfortunately when I got the car out of the shop, she still looked the same!! But boy did she run GREAT ...
 -Mark Chavez
I had been looking all over the city trying to find a trustworthy and reliable shop. Well I have found it!! From when I walked in the front door to getting my car back fixed right the first time without taking every cent I had.
-Robert Young
Had my 2008 ford van with no display. He took it out and rebuilt it and I was on the road within 2 hours and it cost a fraction of what the dealer wanted!!! I'm so pleased!!!
-Steve Marquez